Welcome to the MRA Events Calendar page. Every race has its own Race Page providing details, registration information, race results and photos.

The MRA offers two race series for members of all ages:

MRA Classic Race Series -Presented by Running Room Canada Inc.

MRA Youth Race Series  – Presented by Massage Athletica


Please visit the Classic and Youth Race Series pages for important information regarding changes to how points for each series will be calculated. Updated calendars can be viewed below. For more information regarding cancellation/postponement/virtual options for an individual event, please click on the name of the event below.

View our printable 2020 MRA Race Calendar (revised July 16, 2020) to see all of the MRA sanctioned events.

View our printable 2020 MRA Classic Race Series Calendar (revised July 16, 2020).

View our printable 2020 MRA Youth Race Series Calendar (revised July 16, 2020).

For information about Run 150, part of the Manitoba 150 Anniversary Celebration, visit our website here.

Race Registration Process

For details of each MRA sanctioned event, click on the event name listed below.

To register for a race, visit the Race Page and click on the registration link.