MRA “Run As Yourself” Video – Bib Trading Do’s and Don’tsYouTube

Tips for Weight Training for Beginners

The Heart-Health Benefits of Running – an online guide published by David Patterson of Pacific Medical Training (USA)

Athletics Canada Road Championships: TBA

Running and Gait Centre – New at the Pan Am Clinic



Interested in purchasing an elliptical? Visit for reviews.

Running Mania

A web forum for all things running related and not.

Vic Fitness

Cardio – Nutrition – Strength Training – Muscle and Joint Rehabilitation

Winnipeg, MB – Phone: 204 999 1262 – Website:

Massage Athletica Sports Massage Therapy – Michael Booth – Key races and events across Canada

Tips for Treadmill Workouts – treadmilltalk.comtreadmill marathon training

Junior Bison Speed Training Multi-Sport Program – now available for athletes in Grades 7-9 and 10-12. This program is a multi-sport speed development program.

Sports Fitness Advisor – Health Benefits of Running

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