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Our Story

The MRA was formed in 1971. Thousands of Manitobans benefit from our activities. Whether young or old, male or female, disabled or disadvantaged, the MRA serves them all. Most of the people who participate in our events avail themselves of our facilities but are not actually members of the organization. Part of our ongoing effort is to encourage them to join. We also offer school memberships which provide discounts to students at events such as the Manitoba Marathon.

Our Approach

The MRA is the only non-profit advocate for the sport of road running in Manitoba and is incorporated under the laws of Manitoba. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which is accountable to its members and to the community and employs a part-time Executive Director, Kathy Wiens. Our mission statement is to “promote and support the sport of running for health, fun and fitness for life to runners of all ages and abilities”. The aim of the MRA is to encourage mass participation in road running as well as the individual pursuit of excellence through our schedule of fun runs and road races.

It’s what we do best!

The MRA encourages Manitobans to make running and walking a part of a healthy lifestyle and makes a special effort to encourage our youth to pursue running as a way of staying fit for life. In order to achieve this, the MRA organizes two road race series for its members. The MRA Classic Race Series is for runners ages 16 and up who are looking for some friendly competition. It gives them the opportunity to compete against others in their respective age groups and be rewarded for their efforts at the annual Year-End Awards Banquet. It also provides properly measured and certified courses that can be used by elite runners wishing to qualify for national events and recognition. In fact, Manitoba has the second largest number of certified courses in Canada thanks in a large part to the MRA.