2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Manitoba Runners’ Association!

The MRA has had a long and storied history associated with Road Running in Manitoba. For our 50th Anniversary, we would like to document that history by featuring prominent athletes, notable performances, predominant sponsors, events and Race Organizers, as well as the Board members and other people behind the scenes that were a part of the development of Road Running in Manitoba and the establishment of the Manitoba Runners’ Association. We will be highlighting 5 years each month for 10 months, starting with the most recent years 2016-the present.

You can help us to collect this information! If we have missed you, or someone you know, that you feel should be included, please contact Kathy at: [email protected]. We will be contacting these people for an interview that will be featured every month on this page, so contact information is a must!

After the success of Run 150 in 2020, it was decided to create a new series based on participation rather than competition. The MRA Celebration Series is open to MRA members and non-members alike, and because 2021 is the MRA’s 50th Anniversary, we decided that this year the series would be free to everyone! 

All ages of runners, walkers, and wheelers (wheelchair) are invited to take part in an 10 month long challenge to start exercising regularly, from January 3rd to October 30th. Each run, walk or wheel is worth points and everyone that earns 50 points will be awarded a unique, custom-designed medal! For more information and a link to sign up FREE, visit:


profiles from the past 50 years of the mra

2016 – PRESENT

2011 – 2015

2006 – 2010