If you are committed to learning about an organization, you can serve on a Board. 
If you have a skill to share with your community, you can serve on a Board. 
If you are passionate about a cause, you can serve on a Board.
Everyone can be a board director!

We’re always on the hunt for new Board Directors!

It isn’t a huge investment of time (we normally meet once a month, except during July and August) and we give you time to learn about the operation of the Board before we ask you to help out on a committee or join the Executive. Any MRA member in good standing is welcome to join one of our meetings as a visitor. It’s a great way to find out if you might be a good fit for our Board. Take the first step and email the MRA office at [email protected] for more information and an invitation to attend!


2023/2024 Board of Directors


Derek Boutang (2019-present) – President

Derek Boutang’s professional background is in information technology and software design. He currently manages a team of software developers for a growing tech company. He also does some consulting and teaching on the side.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant and Project Management Professional, he is well-versed in strategic management, finance, and accounting. As a technology professional, he has a detailed and practical understanding of day-to-day IT operations and service levels. His greatest ability has been navigating and building strong relationships in large, complex environments.

Derek currently sits on the Board of Directors for the CPA Manitoba Foundation, where he also acts as the Treasurer.

Derek’s “runner cred” comes from having completed a full marathon in each of the 50 United States, 10 Canadian provinces, and 3 Canadian territories. He has also taught several running clinics, acted as a group leader, and paced many full and half-marathons.

Derek has served on the MRA Board since 2019.

Krista Waring (2016-present) – Past President

Krista Waring was born in Winnipeg, raised in Thunder Bay and returned to Winnipeg to study at University of Manitoba (BA Sociology & Applied Math). Lived in Winnipeg since 1982 except for four years in Africa; Nairobi Kenya (’88 – ’90) and Lusaka Zambia (’93 – ’95).

In addition to serving on the MRA Board, Krista is also the Treasurer for EMAS Canada (Education Medical Aid and Service), a co-team leader for Hand in Hand with Haiti (a project of EMAS Canada), Treasurer for the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) and the Founder and Race Director for RUN 4 Your Cause.

Reg Brown (2020-present) – Board Director

Reg has been running for 13 years.  He started when his Doctor hinted he could afford to lose some weight.  His favorite race to run is the half marathon but he also does a few 5k and 10k races each year.

Reg is a retired Mechanical Engineer who enjoyed a fulfilling career at Price Industries.  With a little more free time he is now interested in becoming more involved in the running community.  Towards this end he has joined the MRA Board and volunteers at various races he is not running.

Reg is married, and his wife Sharon is a great supporter of his running and racing.  She can be found cheering him on at the finish line, and sometimes along the course, at every race he runs.

Lorraine Walton (2021- present) – Vice President

Lorraine Walton started her career as a high school teacher. Manitoba-born and educated, she spent twenty-eight years in retail and event management. She raised four beautiful children with her husband, John.

She was the long-time manager of the Running Room on Grant, where she helped to build an ever-expanding network of customers, runners, and volunteers, and actively recruited coaches and group leaders. She has coached Learn to Run clinics, as well as the 5K, 10K and Half-Marathon clinics. She has run 10 full marathons over 21 years, and numerous half-marathons.

As a volunteer coordinator, Lorraine has been recognized for her skill in managing large events, including the Winnipeg 10&10 (2015-present), Hypothermic Half-Marathon (2016-present), Run for Women (2017-2019), and most recently, the Manitoba Marathon (2021). 

She serves on the University of Winnipeg 55+ Pace Committee, an initiative that supports life-long learning.

She is a dedicated student of the universe, and regularly takes courses in history, literature, and archeology.

As an active and passionate member of Winnipeg’s running community, Lorraine is proud to be a director of the MRA Board.

Alan Neumann (2022-present) – Treasurer

Recently retired as President and CFO of Able Crane Services, I was an active part of the family business for approximately 25 years. Started out as an apprentice crane operator eventually becoming president a number of years late.

In that period, I had my hand in developing the curriculum for the Manitoba Apprenticeship for crane operations in Manitoba and Canada. this also lead me to being a member on the Provincial Trade Advisory Council for many years until I sold the business. Was also a board member for the Crane Rental Association of Canada.  Also involved in many union negotiations for the trade.

Currently still a Trustee for the Manitoba Operation Engineers Local 987 Health & Welfare Trust and the Pension Trust.

My running career began in the early 2000’s as the pounds crept up and fitness greatly declined. Started out with the Running Room Learn to Run Program and was surprised to find out I enjoyed the sport and camaraderie. For a number of years I was leading the marathon clinic at the Regent Running Room. This journey would eventually lead my to the marathon and Ultras.  As of this writing, I have completed 79 Half-Marathons, 26 Full Marathons, 3 50K’s and a 50 miler.

Aldo Furlan (2017-present) – Board Director

Aldo Furlan is a long time runner, having started running early in school (grade 6) and has never looked back! (Don’t look back in a race, it’s bad luck and poor strategy).

His passion for running started with 800/1500 in high school and then made the leap to 5 and 10km during and after university. Eventually he was caught by the 1/2 and full marathon bug, although he caught a sniffle of the bug when he did his first one (foolishly he says) in high school. He began a quest to do a race in every province, but was sidelined a few years ago by an injury (interesting story) but has been making a steady recovery. These days he has gradually and cautiously crept up to the 20km threshold with only a few minor aches and pains periodically showing up. The quest is still there, just sitting on the sidelines for now.

Aldo has been a member of the MRA Board since 2017. He has spent many years assisting events such as Ted’s Run for Literacy, Winnipeg 10&10, the Hypothermic Half and the Manitoba Marathon.

One of his recent passions has been providing aid and encouragement to runners most weekends through the MRA Pop-ups which can be found on running routes around the city. Covid-19 restrictions have sidelined this practice for now for health and safety concerns but he hopes to continue when Covid restrictions are eased.

Aldo has a wealth of experience and knowledge about running and the running community and is proud to share that experience with everyone. He has been a large part of the planning and administering of MRA’s Classic Series and especially the Youth Series! He likes to see each new group of Youth runners emerge as future Classic runners that will continue to strengthen and diversify our sport.

Andrew Swan (2019-present) – Board Director

Andrew has been a member of the MRA for many years and is proud to serve on the Board of Directors. Formerly a Trustee for the Manitoba Marathon Foundation, Andrew is a slowing but consistent competitor at races from 5K up to the Half-Marathon. After 15 years practicing law at a Winnipeg firm, he was elected to the Manitoba Legislature in 2004 and served until 2019. Andrew was Manitoba’s Attorney General for five years. Since October 2019, Andrew has been General Counsel for Doctors Manitoba. 

Melissa Pryce (2022-present) – Board Director

Melissa Pryce is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA/CMA). She is experienced in financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and project management.

Melissa’s love of running started in middle school track which instilled her lifelong passion for the sport. A few decades later Melissa ran her first half marathon with Diabetes Canada and has been hooked ever since, completing more than thirty half marathons and even trying her hand at full distance in the Manitoba Marathon. Melissa runs regularly with a lifelong group of friends she met through a local running store and helps introduce new runners to the sport through, learn to run clinics, volunteering at local races and pacing those races too!

Melissa brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic to the MRA. She is excited to see the resumption of live races and looks forward to contributing to the running community in Manitoba.

Jessica Drakul (2023-present) – Secretary

Hailing from Newfoundland and Labrador, Jessica is a later-in-life runner, an innately sedentary bureaucrat who fell in love with the sport in her early 40s during the pandemic. While trying to process working from home in spring 2020 she started shuffling up and down the street on the the 2.8km loop between her house and the coffee shop. Since then she has run dozens of races including 13 half marathons, many 5-15ks and 2 full Marathons (MB marathon in 2021 and 2023). She loves all aspects of the race experience, including medals, sneakers and snacks. She is an active participant in Winnipeg’s various run clubs and loves giving back to the running community.

Jessica is a long-time public servant, having spent the past 15 years making policy for the provincial government. She has a keen interest in board governance, having served as the Chair of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (Manitoba Region) from 2016-2021 and on the national IPAC Board. She also sits on the Executive of the Sage Creek Residents Association.

Jessica has a Bachelors Degree in English Literature from Memorial University, a Masters degree in Comparative Literature from Western University and is finishing up a Joint Masters in Public Administration from the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. She is married to a tennis-obsessed guy from the Balkans and is known widely as a “cat lady.”