Mingdi Zhao               

I am Mingdi Zhao. My running journey started in 2015 and I have run 15 full marathons and countless other races! I always love running and running has become my best friend over the past years! Running not only keeps me healthy physically and mentally, but also teaches me determination, persistence, courage, consistency, and resilience!

I am super excited to be an MRA Ambassador. MRA encourages Manitobans to make running a part of a healthy lifestyle and makes a special effort to encourage youth to pursue running as part of staying fit for life! As a passionate runner who has participated in many training sessions and running events, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to promote and support its goal of running for health, fun, fitness for life for runners of all ages and abilities! I am happy to keep moving, sharing, and inspiring. I would be very happy to make a difference in sparking the interests and flames of running for beginners and helping the experienced runners with setting up goals to push themselves and reach their potential, while at the same time establishing a lifelong friendship and building a strong running community so that we all become better versions of ourselves!      


Bo Huang             

My name is Bo Huang. I discovered the passion for running about 9 years ago. So far, I have finished 10 full marathon races including Boston and New York City Marathon. I love the Winnipeg running community and have made lots of good friends through running. We care, support, encourage and motivate each other and have had lots of fun time together.

MRA has over 50 years of history. We promote, motivate, and support a heathy, fun, and fit lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities through the sport of running. We serve the community by encouraging individuals to pursue their best potential and achieve their optimum goals. I am thrilled to be an ambassador for MRA. I love running and love to share my knowledge and experience with other runners. Running allows me to think, reflect, learn, grow, set up goals, chase the goals and crash the goals and to make the impossible a reality. I would like to spread the joy of running, promote healthy lifestyles, establish bonding friendships, and create unforgettable memories with you.