Nominations to the Hall of Fame

On an annual basis at their Spring Hall of Fame Banquet the Manitoba Runners’ Association will recognize worthy Manitoba Athletes, Builders and/or Running Clubs who have had a significant impact on the Manitoba road running scene by inducting them into the Association’s Road Running Hall of Fame.

There will be a maximum of 5 people/clubs inducted into the Hall of Fame each year from 3 categories: Athlete, Builder and/or Running Club.

NOMINATION AND SELECTION PROCESS                  (Download Nomination Form)

  • Nominations to the Hall of Fame must be made by members in good standing of the Manitoba Runners’ Association.
  • Nominations must be submitted in writing on the official Nomination Form by midnight on NOVEMBER 15TH of each calendar year. Nominations will be valid for 3 years; therefore if a nominee is unsuccessful for induction in their first year their name will stand for consideration for the 2 consecutive years thereafter.
  • A Selection Committee comprised of a chair and a maximum of 4 members in good standing of the Manitoba Runners’ Association as approved by the MRA Board of Directors shall review nominations and select the induction class each year. A minimum of 1 Selection Committee member must be from the Board of Directors.
  • The Selection Committee shall meet in November and submit it’s recommendation by November 30th. It is mandatory that the chair and committee members attend the selection meeting(s).
  • The Selection Committee’s decisions shall be ratified by the Board at the next Board Meeting (December).


There shall be three categories of induction:

Athlete Award:

Purpose: To formally recognize the achievements of outstanding Manitoban road runners.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be Manitoba born or be a Manitoba resident during the period for which outstanding performance is claimed.
  2. Have represented the sport of road running with distinction either in or out of Manitoba, and brought great credit to the sport.
  3. Have compiled an outstanding record in the sport of road running which extends over a period of years.

Builder Award:

Purpose: To formally recognize the contribution, leadership and abilities of those individuals who have participated in the development of road running in the Province of Manitoba.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be Manitoba born or be a Manitoba resident during the period for which the outstanding contribution is claimed.
  2. Have demonstrated outstanding service to the sport of road running.
  3. Have demonstrated leadership in the road running community.
  4. Open to any individual serving road running. For example: Coach, Volunteer, Administrator or Race Director.

Running Club:

Purpose: To formally recognize the outstanding accomplishments and/or contributions of the members of a club to the road running community in Manitoba.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Have demonstrated outstanding service to the sport of road running.
  2. Be established in Manitoba for the benefit of Manitoba’s road running community.


MRA Road Runner of the Year Award


  • The MRA Road Runner of the Year Award is awarded in April at the Hall of Fame Banquet. There are four categories: Male, Female, Masters Male and Masters Female. Masters is considered to be 35 years of age & up (as per Manitoban road race standards). The recipient must be an MRA member for the year of the award.
  • The intention of this award is to recognize the fastest runners over 5 road racing distances: 5k, 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon & Full Marathon. The winner must compete in a minimum of 3 distances, with the Half or Full Marathon being one of those distances.
  • In January, the Executive Director will compile a short list of the fastest MRA runners, both male and female, from the Manitoba Road Race Rankings. This list will be distributed to the MRA Board of Directors prior to the February meeting for their review, and will be posted on the MRA website.
  • A vote will be held at the February Board Meeting to determine the winners, which will be published on the Hall of Fame page of the MRA website.
  • Because this award is based entirely on race times, it is possible for a runner to win the award more than once.

2023 Short List of Candidates:

Female Road Runners

Jaala Van Dongen
Renata Doerksen
Joy Palmer
Jenn Sacco
Mingdi Zhao
Lindsey Green
Stephanie Tetreault

Male Road Runners

Sam Vincent
Simon Berube
Daniel Heschuk
Mike Wood
John Coffin
Giuseppe D’Amico
Thomas Neave
Alain Goguen
Sam Zhou
Bo Huang
Tom Connon