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MRA memberships are now HALF PRICE to the end of October. Don’t miss out on the many benefits of being a member of the Manitoba Runners’ Association. For more information visit our website or go directly to our online registration page.

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There was an error in the Canadian Runner magazine 2018 Events edition. The online registration link is incorrect. The correct link to register for the Treherne Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k & 5k is: MRA members are eligible for a discount on entry fees.

MRA Virtual Race Series-Event #3 Results

The results are in for the third event of the MRA Virtual Warm Up Run Series: Men:  1st – Phillip Pawluk 2nd – Michael Thompson 3rd – Tim Coombs Women:  1st – Lindsey Green 2nd – Shelley Borschawa 3rd – Judy McMullen Winners of the draw prize of a $10 Green Carrott gift card (donated by RaceRunner) were: Michael…

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MRA Spring Virtual Race #2

The results are in for the MRA’s 2nd event (5k) in it’s Spring Virtual Warm-Up Race Series. The winners were: Men: Noah Wiens              17:16 Michael Thompson   22:25 Phillip Pawluk           22:32 Women: Lindsey Green          22:33 Shelley Borschawa   26:26 Sandra Bains      …

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Aren’t You Afraid All That Running Will Wear Out Your Knees?

Do you get really cranky and exasperated when someone says to you, “Aren’t you worried that all that running will wear out your knees?” or “I don’t run because running wears out your knees.”  I know I do.  If you’ve run for any length of time, you’ve invariably been presented with such questions and may need some ideas on how to…

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Running Form Bight Idea Graphics Design

It’s a beautiful day, your feet are hitting the trail, everything is feeling great and you’re moving forward. During your run, forward movement is not the only movement that occurs. Our movement is a combination of different movement planes: sagittal (leg swing forward and back), frontal (flapping your arms like a bird), transverse (rotating right to left). Frontal plane…

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Plantar Fasciitis- What is it & How do I fix it?

The plantar fascia, is a sheet of connective tissue that spans the underside of your foot, from the heel to the ball of the foot. During running, walking and jumping, your calves pull up on your Achilles tendon, which transmits force through the heel and plantar fascia to the ball of your foot, propelling you forward. Structurally, this fascia…

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Celebrating MRA’s 2018 Road Running Hall Of Fame Awards


It was an exciting and packed house with over 135 attendees at this year’s MRA Hall of Fame Banquet honoring 2018 Road Running Hall Of Fame Inductees and the 2017 Male and Female Runner and Race Director of the Year award. This year was particularly exciting, as Steve Scoles-Hall of Fame Emcee delivered his uncompromising wit and humor throughout the evening. Kevin Chief -Business Council of Manitoba…

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