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Road Running

Road Running

by Adam Penner

As I ponder what to write for this post, it crosses my mind to include a few key ideas shared with me from some top level minds in coaching the great sport of running. i will try to connect them so they flow naturally from one to the next and follow a train of thought. Here are some abbreviated ideas.

Idea 1. Stay off the roads! Paved roads are hard packed and do not absorb impact well. This means that the force from every single step you take goes elsewhere…namely, you. Ever wonder how the Kenyans and Ethiopians can run so well with relatively few injuries? One reason is that they run on meadows, not roads or paved surfaces. Meadows provide natural cushioning for the body as the impact of the foot strikes gets absorbed by the moss/grass/dirt they run on. If the impact is not absorbed by the soft ground (ie running on a hard surface), the force must go through the body. This leads to aches and pains, tight muscles, and eventually, an injury. So get on the grass or trail and save running on the road for race day!

Idea 2. Change your shoes! Regular wear and tear on your shoes means they need replacing on occasion. Connected to Idea 1 above, if you run on pavement of any kind, the shoes get beaten up faster than they would on softer surfaces. Careful tracking of your mileage in a pair of shoes and knowing the design of the shoe and its expected life, you can make sure to keep your shoes up to date and reduce risk of injury.

Idea 3. Have a plan and know your route! Be it the heat of summer, or the cold of winter (especially here in Manitoba), knowing things like where shelter, water, and emergency help are can be important if such need arises. One step further than that, is telling someone your route, and run plan, if you choose to run alone. Or run in a group and make sure you use a buddy system or have small groups to ensure everyone is accounted for. In winter, wear reflective clothing so others can see you. In summer, make sure you hydrate enough and avoid midday runs in the high humidity if possible.

Happy running!!

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Bronze Level – min 3 races completed   


Joshua Sanders
Adam Hyman
Leonardo Phelps
Callum Smith
Logan Bulloch
Joseph Ovid
Aiden Lucko
Brady Lucko
Conner Fraser
Logan Fraser
Christopher Nesbitt
Xalen Cheater
Jesse Terichow-Parrott
Sean Terichow Parrott
Kashif Nazri
Alex Funk
Kayden Funk
Rylan Yung
Carter Neufeld
Eli Kwon
Wesley Stade
Joud Hawash
Tobi Haussler
Adam Edmonds
Adam Smith
Tejas Bertrand-Meadows
Max Van Heyst
Jackson Smith
Firaz Nazri
Naqib Nazri
Blake Harris
Haydn Lysiuk
Nuqman Nazri
Erik Niblock

Silver Level – min 6 races completed


Ethan Heron

Dylan Heron

Yacine Mendoza

Vincenzo Carvelli

Tristan Whelan

Calen Yung

Lorence Dela Cruz

Max McPhail

Gold Level – min 9 races completed



Carson Hyman

Conner Melnic

Chad Melnic

Alejandro Civetta



Michaelyn Kuusela

Mariah Kuusela

Grace Takeuchi

Sophie Rust

Gracie Rea

Olivia Civetta

Senia Mendoza

Genevieve Gratton

Aiofe Ford

Saoirse Ford

Kailee Neufeld

Lachlyn Hyman

Danielle Hyman

Evie Kwon

Addison Funk

Kendra Harris

Lily Alexiuk

Janna Hawash

Jin-Mei Teo

Olivia Epp

Marina Gross

Talia Bertrand-Meadows

Alyssa Ryan

Naomi Brown

Haley Firlotte

Mirza Nazri


Layla Bateman

Frances Terichow-Parrott

Annika Niblock


Sabrina Carvelli

Caitlyn Hollywood

Madison Firlotte

Megan Van Heyst









Recovery is kind of a dirty word to runners. What do you mean you want me to rest? Can I go for a short run? Please don’t make me take a whole day off!! Stretching? Rolling? Yoga? That will all cut into my running time! Training and racing without adequate recovery can lead to INJURY as well as Psychological burnout.


Every intense workout MUST be followed by a recovery period. Our bodies need time to repair the muscles, joints and tissues after an intense workout. Ingesting carbohydrates post exercise can enhance muscle glycogen synthesis. Ingesting protein may increase muscle protein synthesis.

  • Immediate recovery: Hydration 500-1000 ml of water/electrolytes
  • Within 1-2 hours: Carbohydrates 5 grams /kg of body weight

Protein .3 grams/kg of body weight

  • Foam Rolling: Huge recovery tool 5-10 minutes daily

Pushes out metabolic waste

Promotes circulation

  • SLEEP 9+ hours/night

Sleep has been proven to be the one essential aspect of recovery following a session (or series of sessions) of intense training. Sleep deprivation has negative consequences for glucose metabolism and cortisol secretion.1



Negative effects of running a marathon include the following: – Skeletal muscle damage

Cellular damage

Compromised immune system

Recovery post race is necessary to HEAL and REPAIR your body as well as replenish glycogen stores. Many runners want to continue running AFTER a marathon for a variety of reasons…

After a great race you want to keep building and capitalizing on your accomplishment!

After a bad race you want revenge and have unfinished business.


Hydrate with 500-1000 ml of water and electrolytes.

Fuel with carbohydrates 1.5 grams/kg of body weight.

Stretch, foam roll, keep moving!


Recommend 7-10 days of NO RUNNING followed by 2 weeks of light training. Focus on cycling, yoga, stretching, Pilates, foam rolling, Aquatic exercises.


Recovery time can be associated with finish time/experience.

1:30 or faster 2-4 days

1:30 or slower 1 week

The more half marathons you have run the less recovery you may require.

10 KM / 5KM

2-4 days is recommended with less days required if run at less intensity.



General rule of thumb: wait 1 day for each mile raced hard before doing SPEED work.

Even the ELITE runners take 7-10 days off 1-2 times per year to allow for tissue healing and recovery.

Recovery runs DO NOT actually aid in recovery! They DO NOT promote muscle tissue repair, glycogen replenishment, or any other physiological response that actually is relevant to muscle recovery.


Injury PREVENTION is key in keeping runners like YOU happy! Incorporate proper recovery into your training and you and I will meet on the race course, not at Physiotherapy Works!

  1. References available upon request.


Stephanie Roberecki Physiotherapist, fellow runner, triathlete, Physio Fit Run Race Director, inMotion Network partner





MRA CLASSIC RACE SERIES 2018 – RESULTS                                            

Male 25-29

1st Tyler Derksen
2nd Tim Coombs

Male 30-34
Thomas Urish

Male 35-39
Michael Thompson
2nd Phillip Pawluk
3rd Jason Oltrop

Male 40-44
Craig Erb
2nd Kevin McCorrister

Male 45-49
Don Bevington
2nd Bryan Ezako
3rd Andrew Swan

Male 50-54
Dennis Cunningham
2nd Chris Dick
3rd Troy Mawle

Male 55-59
Bruce Young
2nd Bob Cox
3rd Gordon Flett

Male 60-64
Neil Ferguson
2nd Randal Bodner
3rd Pete Gagne

Male 65-69
Dennis Lang
2nd Barry Atkinson
3rd Jeff Vince

Male 70-74
Leon Clegg
2nd Colin Reed

Male 75-79
Jim Anderson

Male 80+
Jack Dubnicoff

Female 15-19
Amanda HunterFemale 20-241st Stefanie SheardFemale 30-341st Amy Sedor

Female 35-39

1st Sherry Seymour

2nd Christy Rogowski

3rd Christa Rust

Female 40-44

1st Tressa Alexiuk

2nd Wendy Singleton

Female 45-49

1st Janie Parson

2nd Catherine Moltzan

Female 50-54

1st Leaslie McPhail

2nd Jill Saunders

3rd Patricia Leung

Female 55-59

1st Louise Stuart

2nd Colleen Semmler

Female 60-64

1st Shelley Borschawa

2nd Clemus Laurila

3rd Danielle Papin

Female 80+

1st Dreena Duhame



Physiotherapy Works!


The MRA is always excited to introduce a new Discount Sponsor to our members and today we are pleased to welcome the inMotion Network. The inMotion Network consists of multi-disciplinary clinics that are spacious and modern with state-of-the-art equipment. Their clinicians have extensive post-graduate training providing high standards of care consistent across our locations and services.The inMotion Network takes pride in evidence-based practice and a commitment to our referring sources and patients to establish effective preventative programs and individualized service and care to expedite injury recovery.

The following are just some of the services offered by the Inmotion Network:

• Running Video Gait Analysis by Stephanie Roberecki
• Physiotherapy
• Athletic Therapy
• Personal Training for Runners
• Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
• Aquatic Therapy/Pool Therapy

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Physiotherapy Works! InMotion Network
401-83 Garry Street R3C 4J5
Phone: 204-942-2463

Coaching Opportunity for Masters Athletes (over 35)

The following is a message from Alanna Boudreau, Executive Director of Athletics Manitoba:

Masters Athletics Meet and Greet!
11:30am Saturday November 10th
James Daly Field House, Max Bell Centre, University of Manitoba
Meet on the 2nd floor mezzanine level, outside the hockey rink by the glass doors.
11:30am – 12:00pm
Arrivals, introductions
Review of training options, membership fees
Competition opportunities
Facility viewing and tour

12:00pm– 12:45pm
Optional warm up and workout
Race opportunity!

The goal of this event is to provide an opportunity to see our facility in action! Saturday’s are a busy day of training for all level of participants, so we’ll start above the crowd, where we can chat and provide some background information. We’ll point out coaches and at the end of the sessions you’ll have an opportunity to meet with them and discuss different training options. You will also have the opportunity to get active and participate in a group warm up and workout, led by some of our current Masters Athletes!

Finally, Lou Billinkoff is going to be racing in an attempt to set a new Canadian record in the 50m and potentially break the World Indoor record! We have 10 lanes, so that means there are 9 open spots for anyone that wants to join him.

Remember, “Masters” are defined as participants 35 and over and all competitive results are grouped in 5-year increments. There is also a “sub-masters” category of 30-34. Everyone is welcome!

Please RSVP to Noelle Merkel at or 204-925-5743.
Let us know if you plan to participate AND if you’d like to race!

Hope to see you there!

Baby Torchia Has Arrived!

Congratulations to Jonathan Torchia, Race Director of the WFPS Half Marathon, and his wife Robyn on the birth of their first child, Giacomo Greyson Torchia! The bouncing baby boy was born on October 24, 2018 and weighed in at 9lbs 6oz. How long before the little man is Co-Race Director and telling his Dad how things should be done?!

Best wishes to Jonathan and Robyn!

Ed Klassen 1934-2018

It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Ed Klassen on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at the age of 83. He was a long-time member of the Manitoba Runners’ Association and won many age group awards in the Timex Series in both the 70-74 and 75-79 age groups. He was a former World Masters Record Holder and enjoyed running to the very end. He will be buried with his running shoes and games medals. Funeral service will be celebrated at McIvor Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church, 200 McIvor Avenue, Winnipeg, on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. with interment in Glen Eden Memorial Gardens. Those who so desire may make memorial donations in memory of Ed to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

Stride Ahead Annual Change of Season Sale

One of our sponsors, Stride Ahead, is having its annual Change of Season Sale! MRA members can enjoy savings on shoes, clothing and more. Visit the store at the Grant Park Shopping Centre between Thursday, October 18th and Sunday, October 21st.

Time is Running Out to Register for Run 4 Your Cause!

Thinking about participating in R4YC on Sunday October 21st? There’s the ever popular 5K Awesome Twosome or you could Tri3.3K. There’s still time register for either event, but this Thursday evening at midnight the entry fee increases, so don’t delay!

More information about this unique event is available on our website. Or go directly to our online registration.

See you on the 21st! Not able to make it? We have a virtual option available as well!