In 2018 I completed my 100th half marathon in Treherne, MB on Sept 16th and my 101st in Wolfville, Nova Scotia on Oct 7th I ran very few half marathons before 2005. The largest local half marathon was the Manitoba Marathon, but I usually ran the full. There were many 20 kms that I never kept track of. The main ones were in Birds Hill Park and Brandon.

Half marathons are a way to take fitness to the next level after running shorter distances. They are a real challenge but a manageable distance with less training time than a full marathon. There is a quicker recovery and less chance for injury than running a full marathon.
There are many reasons to run a half marathon.  They can be part of a plan to run a full marathon. There are many available fun half marathons with great courses and bling (shirts and medals).  You get to meet many energetic and supportive people.

Most of my half marathons were in Manitoba. Some halfs are very large and well organized while some are very small. Some current ones are: Winnipeg Police Service, Manitoba, Hypothermic, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, Air Force, Treherne, Lockport River’s Edge, Rotary, MEC, The Pas (Clearwater Lake), Swan River,Anchor Riding Mountain, Winkler, and Hecla.
Some excellent half marathons no longer take place. Do any readers remember them? Birds Hill (Ron Melnichuk), Run for Greyhounds “Portage and Lockport”, Beaches, Diabetic, Niverville, and the Selkirk Red Run.

As part of travel, I have run many out of town half marathons: Edmonton Hypothermic, QCM Regina, World Peace Officer Olympics, Kamloops, World Masters, Edmonton, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Fargo, Melissa 22 km in Banff, Reggae Jamaica, Mardi Gras Masquerade, Las Vegas, Saints and Sinners, Las Vegas, and the Saskatoon River Run (no longer taking place).