The 36th annual Great Grain Wellness Relay (GGWR) is only one month away.

Round up your team of 5 runners (plus one lap counter) and join us and 50 other teams for a fun two hour relay at Max Bell Centre at 12:00 pm on Saturday, March 10th. For the people new to the event, this is a 5 person relay with each person running 800 metres ( ½ mile) before handing off to the next teammate.  At the end of the two hours, total laps are counted and prizes are awarded to the top three teams in a variety of categories.  This is a great warm-up event for those training for the “big” relay event in June.

For those more adventurous and wanting to test themselves, the 3rd annual Beer Mile Relay (two person) will be held at 2:10 pm (right after the main relay).

 Stay after for the awards and enjoy the comradery with food and refreshments (Beer Tent). 

 All proceeds are in support of KidSport.  Last year  GGWR presented KidSport with a cheque of $10,600 to give deserving youth in the city a chance to participate sports.

 We’re looking forward to seeing you in March.  Registration information and additional information is available on our website at   

David Hooper
Race Director
Great Grain Wellness Relay

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