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Pectoral range-of-motion exercise (self-fascia release)

1.)     Place one hand in the center of your chest pressing into the breast bone.

2.)     With the other arm straight in front, open the arm to stretch the pec while at the same time the opposite hand pulls the skin on the breast bone away from the moving arm.

3.)     Hold for one second and reset to the starting position.

4.)     Repeat up to six times on each side.


We all know that good posture is, well…good! Especially in running, correct posture decreases unwanted pressure through your back and neck, aligns your body so breathing is more efficient and helps negate a lot of chronic injuries and pain by promoting muscle balance throughout your body.

Why then, does “correct” posture feel so awkward and uncomfortable?

Simply put, we live in front of our bodies – from typing on the computer, to driving, from texting, to washing dishes, our actions are generally executed forward from our core. This promotes a hunched over position with frontward rounded shoulders and a forward head poke. You know which posture I’m talking about! In the clinic, we call this upper cross syndrome.

The main tissue changes that happen with this posture:

  • Your back muscles and connective tissues become chronically lengthened & strained = weak
  • Your front muscles and connective tissues become chronically shortened & stuck = weak

So now when you go to straighten up during your run, your back posture muscles are not only at a structural disadvantage, but they’re also fighting gravity, plus all those locked and short front muscles! I would be cranky and tense too if I had to work as hard as those poor postural muscles do!

Helping your body learn better posture:

  • Create a habit – every time you check your phone or watch, sit-up or stand-up slightly straighter. Over time, this habit change will start creeping into your running. Don’t force it into your running!
  • If you lift weights, try two back (pulling) exercises for every front (pushing) exercise.
    We’re already forward, so now you’re just evening out the playing field for your posture muscles!
  • Spend time doing range-of-motion exercises, stretches or physical therapy to help lengthen and unstick those short, locked front muscles. Some ideas are: heart-opening yoga, pec massage work and pec stretching, or anything where you are promoting extension through the back and opening through the chest and neck.
    Now your back is not fighting your front!

The result:

Your body uses less energy to hold you upright, it has greater room to breathe, and allows for more efficient movement of your limbs not only in running but in daily activity! Better posture in running also creates an environment where injury is less likely, and that is something we can all stand-up for!


  • Nikki Smith CAT(C), BSc



2018 Abas Auto Stony Mountain Run

If you haven’t yet made it out to the ABAS AUTO STONY MOUNTAIN RUN – you really need to consider putting it on your Fall race calendar!

This year’s event is our fourth annual and is on September 22nd.  Early bird discount ends on August 31st, so don’t delay!

Stony Mountain provides a great location for an event like this with a combination of quiet town roads and wide/smooth scenic gravel trails through the forests and old quarry.  Actually, the Run is the prime fundraiser for the development of the local walking/running trail network and a new section will be built just in time for the Run!  Oh, and did I mention the hills?  Yes we have hills!!

We also offer custom finisher medals for everyone and awards (complete with podium!) for the top three male and female in each event.

Also, for those youth members, our 3K event is part of the MRA Youth Series.

Event/distance details provided below and more information at the links provided (including Running Room registration link).

Hope to see you out!

Dave Van Heyst
Race Director

Event Options

ALL-FAB OLYMPIC – 10K QUARRY RUN: Timed event. Finisher medals. Medals for top three female and male runners.
Registration cost $20 (early bird), $25 (regular) or $30 (late/race day). Start time 10:00am.

DEPREZ & ASSOCIATES PWM – WHAT THE HILL 5K RACE: Timed event. Finisher medals.
Medals for top three female and male runners.
Registration cost $20 (early bird), $25 (regular), or $30 (late/race day). Start time 10:15am.

THE McKILLOP TEAM – MOUNTAIN MILE RELAY: Team of four runners, each run 400 meters
NOTE this is a change from past years where each runner ran 1 mile. Timed event. Finisher medals. Registration cost $20 (early bird), $28 (regular), or $36 late (race day). Start time 9:45am.

SUNOVA STONY SCAMPER: 3KM fun walk or run. Open to all ages!! Timed. Finisher medal.
Medal for top three female and male runners born 2005 or later. Part of MRA Youth Series.
Individual Registration cost $15 (early bird), $20 (regular), $25 (late/race day). Family rate $45, $60, $75. Start time 10:15am.

2018 T-REX TOONIE RUN: Short sprint for Kindergarten and Pre-school age children.
Registration $2.00 on race day (no online registration). Start time 9:40am.

Registration/More Info:

·         Register at Running Room:

·         Facebook:

·         Or email Race Director Dave at

2018 Active Aging in Manitoba Expo: Toward Sport for Life

On behalf of Jim Evanchuk, Executive Director of Active Aging in MB (AAIM):

Active Aging in Manitoba (AAIM) formerly known as ALCOA-MB, is collaborating with Sport Manitoba to present the 2018 Active Aging in Manitoba Expo: Toward Sport for Life on Monday, October 1st, 2018 at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre, 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg. Save the date and plan to participate! For more details contact: or call: 204-632-3947.

Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested. We hope to see you there!

Ice Cream Run & Summer Virtual Series Registration

Come out and enjoy an ice cream cone at the finish line at the MRA Family Ice Cream Run #2 on Wednesday, August 1st 7:00pm at Crescent Drive Park! Online registration closes at midnight on Monday, July 30th. Visit our website for more information and a link to a registration form that you can bring with you to the event.

Also a reminder that the MRA’s Virtual Warm Up Runs – Summer Series starts this Wednesday, August 1st. This is the first of three virtual events that you can run anytime between 5:00am on Wednesday and 10:00pm on Friday. Visit RaceRunner for more information and registration. These events are FREE to current MRA members.

2018 Point Douglas Run

The seventh annual Point Douglas 2.5K & 5K & 10K Fun Run and walk will be held on:

Saturday September 15, 2018

The scenic route winds along the Red River, encompassing many historical points of interest. Come discover one of Winnipeg’s hidden jewels while having fun supporting the following valuable, local organizations:

The North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, Norquay Community Centre, and Graffiti Art Programming

Each registered runner will receive a FREE technical shirt (while quantities last). After the run/walk, participants will be treated to a hot breakfast.

We challenge runners and walkers to be creative and dress up for this event. There will be a prize for the most creative outfit.

Each registered runner will be included in a prize draw at the conclusion of the race.

Find out more and register on line at:


We are looking for volunteers; if you are interested please email us at

We’d greatly appreciate your help.



MRA-Raceseries-icecream run 1 2018

Online registration for the MRA Family Ice Cream Run #1 1k & 2.2k closes at midnight tonight. Avoid the line-up and register online for our first Ice Cream Run on Wednesday, July 4th 7:00pm at Crescent Drive Park in Fort Garry. On-site registration is also available by filling out the entry form and bringing it with you. This is probably the least expensive event you’ll do all year and you get ice cream at the finish line! Individual registration is $10 and families with up to 6 members living at the same address are $20. Register for both of our Ice Cream Runs at the same time (series) and get a $5 discount. Strollers and dogs are welcome! Both the 1k and the 2.2k are part of the MRA Youth Race Series.