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Links of Interest

The Heart-Health Benefits of Running - an online guide published by David Patterson of Pacific Medical Training (USA)

2nd Annual Mt. Terry Fox Trek - Sunday, September 4, 2016 - Valemount, B.C. - Poster - More Info

Running Shoes for Children in Uganda - How you can help

Athletics Canada 2016 Road Championships - Detailed Information

Run the North Trailer - 2015 Polar Bear Marathon Documentary

Running and Gait Centre - New at the Pan Am Clinic

Athletics Canada 5k Road Race Championships Application & Bid Process

“Wildly Nutritious and Berry Delicious” gluten-free nutrition bars

Treadmill Reviews

Sporty Jewels

Running Mania

A web forum for all things running related and not.

Vic Fitness

Cardio - Nutrition - Strength Training - Muscle and Joint Rehabilitation

Winnipeg, MB - Phone: 204 999 1262 - Website:

Massage Athletica Sports Massage Therapy - Michael Booth - Key races and events across Canada

Tips for Treadmill Workouts -; treadmill marathon training